Second-layer tokens as the future of Hive: LEO hits a new ATH

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The introduction of tribes and communities on Hive has been one of the best development on the Hive blockchain. This is so because this gave rise to the creation of second-layer tokens like LEO, SPORTS, LIST, CTP etc, which has been booming recently as well as opening new opportunities for users in the space.

Although some persons are yet to wake up to the underlying opportunities in the second-layer tokens, a good number have been leveraging it to maximize their earnings. A few days ago, I had a discussion with some persons about the Hive blockchain and I discovered that the Hive ecosystem is so broad, being that there was no area/ niche they mentioned that couldn't be found on Hive. This is only possible because of tribes and communities.

In the future, second-layer tokens will produce more whales than Hive itself will ever produce as well as bring more people to the space than Hive itself. How do I mean? Take for instance, a sportsman or an accountant; what would possible draw him to the Hive blockchain will not be the Hive token itself rather the SPORTS and LEO tokens respectively. How about a video game player? Splinterlands and Rabona is what will first draw his attention.

Talking of already existing users, what is keeping some users here and causing them to improve on their engagements is the second-layer of Hive. Truth is, earning Hive is difficult for some users on Hive especially the newbies and some percentage of dolphins. As such, some of them get discouraged but the second-layer has made it possible for users to still earn Hive thereby giving them reasons to engage more. So, the importance of second-layer tokens in the adoption of Hive cannot be over-emphasized.

Another LEO All Time High

The LEO token began the new month on a very good note as it recorded a huge pump that caused it to break its previous resistance, thereby hitting a new high of about 1.95 HIVE/ LEO on Hive-engine. That didn't come as a surprise to me because of the many developments surrounding the @khaleelkazi led Leofinance community. Let me fill you in; a few days ago, Wrapped LEO (WLEO) was being launched making it possible to trade LEO on the Ethereum blockchain. Right now its liquidity pool on Uniswap is growing massively. This alone has brought a Hive-blockchain awareness to many people. Also, WLEO has been listed on a few exchanges just yet while getting listed also on crypto platforms like Blockfolio, Coinmarketcap, Coingecko etc.

With all of these in mind, we don't expect the LEO token to record a huge dump anytime soon rather the possibility of it pumping is greater. It might interest you to know that LEO has more worth than HIVE in terms of price value. Quite impressive!

On the whole, second-layer tokens looks like it is going to be the much talked about thing in the future. It is what will really spearhead the growth of HIVE in general. So, investing in second-layer tokens will not be a bad idea after all.

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