Im renting out my SPLINTERLAND card

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Greeting everyone ,

How are you ? I hope you have an awesome day today that better than yesterday.


It was so sad that i didnt have time to play splinterlands the card game that i use to enjoy long time ago. I have try play it a few times but due to daily commitment i only reach the lowest rank in the games .

Another reason that im actually didnt play much of it because i dont have combrat that play with me most of the time . We do have our guild that being form by our friend , but they have gone far forward that i cant reach their level anymore.

Im feel sad that my precious deck that i buy the money that i farm through hardship of writing journal in hive sit idle all the time . I can imagine the how the burning desire of that deck to come out and fight on table along my side being shut down because i didnt play much of it anymore.


Today im decide to rent out the cards that i own . Friend of mine ask me to give the cards to them but i cant give them because it was the first NFT card that i buy using my own effort. So , instead of giving them or sell them to other , i decide to rent it out . At least they still can play on the figthing area and who know someday if i come back and want to play , they will be there for me one more time .

I dont really know the value of all the cards now because most of the game has change since long time ago. This is one of my favourite cards that i ll rent with the smallets fee .

Level 3 star gold MALRIC INFERNO current value $73 with 3000 power .

Cheaper rental at 1.0 DEC perday , after deducting 6% fee on rental todal profit i ll get was about 0.94 cent .

Im curios how much was that in HIVE , so i check current selling DEC value :

It was 0.00252 HIVE for 0.94 DEC , which means it was affortable to rent the card with lower price of HIVE.

Thanks in advance for renting my cards , thanks for stop by . I hope to see you in another journey .

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