Tag #photography to get free $PHOTO token // Use case for MINT your photo NFT

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A few months ago, I realized that the $PHOTO token had been distributed among posts that used the popular tag of #photography. I believe everyone who did enjoy taking photos and posting them through HIVE.BLOG didn't miss out on using that favorite tag. Every time we use that tagging, eventually we'll get a $PHOTO token, which you can check inside your HIVE-ENGINE.

I was curious if there was any significant usage of that token or if it was just being made for fun like most of the other tokens that can be found in HIVE-ENGINE because there was no post explaining milestones on this project (or if I just missed it out). This made me sell some rewards of $PHOTO for HIVE after unstacking it a few months ago, which I was grateful for after checking it again early this week.


There was many awesome photogher inside HIVE community . You ll suprise that the quality of their photo was super awesome . I believe some of them was a profesional photographer in real life or extreme hobbiest . You can check community that being curate by some of my favourite community @photofeed (photofeed) , @qurator (qurator) , @badge-696969 (Photography Lovers) , @monochromes (Black And White ) , @digi-me (StreetArt) and the list go on , do have beautiful with quality photo . I do wish to have some photo that i can actually print and put it at my house or office , or maybe an album of awesome collection with high quality print , but too bad those photo that been upload to HIVE will give low resolution if we just download and save in traditional way .

And if they do sell via NFT at an affordable price, I'll buy it and make it part of my collection. Talking about NFT, I guess it is not as popular as before, and many people do hate it because some of them are not expensive but don't have a significant purpose, or, personally, I think it is noise inside crypto.

But if it was not expensive, people could afford to buy it in a lower price range (i.e., everyone can buy the 5 HIVE-50 HIVE range of the NFT collection with high resolution and quality images for printing), or those photographers could sell it at an outstanding price if there was a collector for their artwork, and this could actually help boost the photographer or artist's motivation to continue making their work aside from getting rewarded for posting their work on HIVE.BLOG.


After checking official website of $PHOTO at , i found out that we can actually make NFT using $PHOTO token . Suprisingly , everyone can actually begin selling their artwork with free capital or $PHOTO token that they get from using #photography tag.

When you to their NFT Marketplace - , you can see it was still empty at least until at this date.

To be able to sell your photo / music / video you have to update your profile and apply for whitelist which need payment of 1000 $PHOTO and minumum stack of 1000 $PHOTO .

After being approve as whitelist , you now can mint your first NFT at MINT section , the cost for every first edition is at 600 $PHOTO and each additional edition cost 100 $PHOTO


This is current market price for $PHOTO -

You can buy 201 $PHOTO for 1 HIVE


You can sell 800 $PHOTO for 1 HIVE

Which means , price for mint each music / photo / video was at 3 HIVE . Since there is not many $PHOTO being sell on market , I guess @hivephoto can sell $PHOTO from issuer to make the MINT price lower , so at least we can sell the quality photo / music / video at lower price because there is no way to get $PHOTO from what we get from using #photography tag and we have to wait few weeks for it being unstack so we able to use it into MINT .


This is very first MINT in here , THE MISTY MOUNTAIN is on sales at 33,333 $PHOTO or equivalent to 42.03 HIVE .


Story behind the photo :

There were only a few travelers who reached this place because there are very few tourism agencies that bring tourists here. I came to this place at my own expense using local buses, and it was very hard just to reach Chin State, where this mountain is located, especially when there was a huge language barrier at this place.

There was no guide, and I have been cheated by the taxi with very expensive fares (200 USD) for the return trip, which do not include a motorbike for rent to reach the nearest point before climbing the mountain and also accommodation at that time.

I didn't know that I needed a 3-hour trip on a motorcycle to reach the hiking point because the road was really rough. But still, I feel lucky because at that time I had the opportunity to meet some great locals during the trip, especially among of them was face tattoo tribe.

This first MINT is very special to me because it also the first country that remark my 3 years of solo travel in ASEAN .


I really hope there will be more supply of $PHOTO being sold in HIVE-ENGINE, and I really appreciate it if the photo can also be sold in other tokens.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope this information can reach all photography nerds and lovers so we can share each of our collections with each other.

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