Antwerp, Belgium's hidden gem

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Antwerp, Belgium's hidden gem

My dear followers and visitors, today we are going through beautiful Belgium again and I want to discover together a hidden gem (as I like to call it), Antwerp.

But before we get to the streets and vibrant atmosphere of Antwerp let me show you how we got here.

As I've written before in my posts from Belgium our trips here were mostly by train.

That's how we got to Antwerp central station, honestly the station looks amazing, it can definitely be listed as a tourist attraction, it took us a while to get out (that's because of the dozens of pictures taken) it was completed somewhere around 1905 and is structured on four levels of which two are underground, I don't know how well it stands out from the pictures but the station is amazing.

After literally visiting the central train station, we headed to the accommodation and it was great, but not up to the standard we had in Ghent.

Here we used the most rudimentary lift I have ever been in.

Now that we've shown you how we got here and our accommodation, let's take a walk through the cobbled streets of the city and discover its beauty.

After the first few steps on the very crowded streets we got a bit hungry so we didn't have to look too hard and went into a place where we asked for traditional food, and here we got this, which cost about 10 euros a portion, but was very tasty.

We set our main focus on the Grote Markt knowing that we would find other interesting sights here, including the town hall.

Before reaching the proposed goal we visited a chocolate factory, it wasn't a very big one but it was a family business, exactly where I like to be, a sweet place.

We had the opportunity to see how chocolate is made, how from some simple ingredients after processing come out so sweet goodies, on the way out we bought some chocolates, Belgium is famous not only for diamonds but also for chocolate.

Walking through the streets of Antwerp my throat already started to hurt so much I looked up at the buildings and of course their amazing architecture, I felt like I was on a desperation mission.

Also here on the streets of the city I heard the story of an orphaned child named Nello, he was a good child but had no one until one day he met a puppy named Patrasche, these two became inseparable, so strong was the bond between them that they remained friends for life, as a conclusion is that true friendships last forever.

Finally we reach the Grote Markt where the town hall (Stadhuis) welcomes us with its grandeur and a few steps away we find the statue of Brado.

From here you can see how imposing is also the tower of the Cathedral of the Mother of God (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwekathedraal) which if you are interested you can visit.

We stayed here for a while and then we decided to visit the places on the banks of the Scheldt river and here I can say that we had a surprise, we discovered a medieval fortress (Het Steen) and a giant wheel (The View-Giantwheel), I did not hit the wheel because I am afraid of height.

This medieval castle is very similar to the one I presented in a previous post, the Count's Castle.

My dear friends, my exploration of Antwerp has come to an end and I hope that the ones I have presented will be to your liking and if you happen to be in Belgium I advise you to visit it.

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P.S. The attached pictures you have just seen are taken by me with my mobile phone, and the text is also designed by me.

Yours @triplug😉