Storm is coming....

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Storm is coming....

Hello beautiful community

Here in western Romania we seem to be living in strange weather, which is not very suitable for this time of year.

It all started this morning (02.04.2024), when at 4 o'clock (in the morning), when I was sleeping better, I was suddenly awakened from sleep by an audible message (RO ALERT) from the emergency services announcing severe weather with possible thunderstorms, gales and wind gusts of over 80 km/h.

At 8 in the morning I go to work like any other day and the weather was perfect, nothing to worry about.

Sometime around four o'clock in the afternoon I went home to take care of my household chores, moreover after I got home I also went to the garden to see how the garden is transforming in these beautiful days, I leave you some pictures.

It didn't take too long everything started to change, the sky started to darken, the storm started, the wind was very strong, so I quickly took my drone to take some pictures.

It was so strange, if you looked in one direction the sky was black and if you looked in the opposite direction the sky was clear and the sun was shining in the sky, strange visual sensation.

In a few pictures from my drone I managed to capture the major differences, which of course you could see best from the air.

It wasn't long before the storm came with heavy rain and hail (the chunks of ice were quite large), I hope my garden won't be so affected by this event.

I waited for the storm to pass and got in the car and went to the hills to see what they looked like after the rain, I went to a few places but unfortunately on the hill I couldn't climb because the roads going up the hill were very muddy (and on foot it was hard to climb).

The picture below is taken in my garden. In the pictures you can see a buckthorn plantation, which seems to have been unaffected by the hail. After the storm...


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P.S. The attached pictures you have just seen are taken by me with my mobile phone(Samsung Galaxy S21) in western Romania, and the text is also designed by me.

Yours @triplug😉