Pimping my way to riches!!!

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Yeah, click bait title. True, I may be pimping my way to riches but this post is about something totally different!

So, here's a quick tip for all of you hunting some free extra penis pennies from your hive posts. If you are using generic tribe tags like neoxian, archon, proofofbrain etc to earn hive engine tokens then make sure to also add the tag "pimp".

Now, I don't know much about this tribe, I first encountered someone using it like a month ago and I simply started to use the tag too. Don't ask me about tokenomics and shit. I haven't bothered and am too lazy to check. But according to the description of the token over hive engine they do have a revenue sharing model or some shit if you are a top - 200 investor:

PIMP is awarded to those using or anyone that uses the tag #pimp. Revenue sharing has been introduced for those that stake the token (currently top 200 HODLrz) with more features to keep PIMPin' the chain for you.

The token dev is @enginewitty , I don't know much about him other than he is a hive witness, and he looks like a chill fella to have a beer with. Maybe he sees the tag and drops by to say a few words...

Anyways, pimp doesn't have any significant value yet (if ever) so for now I simply stake my free tokens. But you do you! Who knows, maybe there's a lot of potential too and it's a great time to buy? Meh. I'll stick with staking my free tokens for now...

Nfa and shit

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