It is expensive to make mistakes in Solidity

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I am still trying to get my feet right on some language and my solidity dev said he is busy with other major work and I have to create a contract for a certain aspect of the project we are building. The most basic is token contract, which I know because there isn’t a big deal with it. But having to create a contract that serves multiple uses is tough because there are so many things to consider including security.

I tried to use resources from YouTube, but none of the videos on YouTube were useful. In fact, there are no videos that could do anything related to what I am trying to get. I searched the web and there was no solution to serve as a guide but ChatGPT came through. It was able to show me a path to follow, and it has been awesome.

However, it is too expensive to make mistakes in solidity. You deploy a contract and it does not work as intended and you still lose the gas fee. This may seem a little cost, but when you deploy multiple times and still does not work correctly, it becomes expensive.

I would have been using testnet but I will not be able to test the contract effectively because the contract needs a mainnet check for transactions and needs to be verified on the blockchain before I can test it.

Well, I am getting closer to getting it right. The contract is working and so is the front end of the application. But there are still little things to fix and everything should work pretty well in the next few hours.

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