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Hive is Foremostly a Blockchain for Social Activities

Hive was foremost a social media before a place to earn. It seems that earning on hive became a priority and the reason why many new users get frustrated after a few shots without much financial gains. The financial side of hive was loud during ads that brought these new users. However, the financial face of hive is layered upon the social component. This being said, where there are no socialization and engagement, investors on hive cannot make profits.

Yes! The work of curators who are foremostly content consumers won't be necessary where there are no content creators. Also, even when contents are created, if the Consumers cannot locate such contents, rewards cannot be added. The connection between content creator and consumer must happen first before rewards follow.

The convergence of communities around LeoThreads

In the last Three weeks of LeoThreads alpha launch, we've had a growing number of hive communities collaborating and bringing their members to start using LeoThreads and it's really beautiful. Thanks to the Leo team and ambassadors who are spreading the beauty of LeoThreads. Great that all of the communities joining LeoThreads are getting some juicy $LEO:$0.06 delegations to incentivise users all pushing to trend their community tags on LeoThreads.

Today, we welcomed the @Crossculture and @Foodiesunite communities to LeoThreads and some comments in their collaboration posts were so fascinating to me.

Sharing within Hive is what allows us to meet, interact and create community. This is very important because thanks to this communication exchange, this blockchain grows, strengthens, and even diversifies and new ideas emerge, while generating very productive relationships between users Foodiesunite community

Going Deeper with Socialization and Inclusive Collaboration

Key is that Project Blank is going to strengthen inter-community collaboration and spice up inclusive ideas which may lead to the creation of new blockchain products. This, the Foodiesunite community is excited about it and loos forward to catalyse such through it's members' participation in LeoThreads.

The Crossculture community on the other hand is bringing in a whole new perspective of curation on LeoThreads. It's fascinating, the unique reward system well designed by @selfhelp4trolls to encourage inclusive and value adding communications in LeoThreads.

0-10% reward - post promotion with some kind of comment 10-20% reward - decent threads without post promo 15%-50% reward - threads that encourage meaningful discussion. Bonus for people who are leaving good comments on other #culture threads! Some ideas for #culture threads: source

With the above curation design in place, we can agree that engagement and socialization is good going to take a whole new shape on Project Blank. Generation several levels of comments on a particular thread can deepen conversations and that would mean a lot when LeoAds is put in place.

The Future & Number Escalation

At 2 weeks, LeoThreads has already recorded over 1,000 users and a little over 3,000 threads daily. I see this Numbers doubling by the end of the month of April when the adoption campaign comes live.

The emergence of polls had already changed the landscape of engagement on LeoThreads, and we can see more of that when reputable brands begin to see the need for Decentralized polling for user feedbacks. I have explained a case for guest users on Project Blank and how we can multiply the user effect and impressions that would generate more LeoAds revenue.

We are back to the days that socialization and engagement would be prioritized and we'll rewarded on Hive. This is because we're still in the age where Socialmedia is driving a lot of influence. The possibility of sustaining that socialization momentum while providing for immutable, and permissionless operations where every content is protected and owned by tbr user would mean a lot.

I'm personally looking forward to when communities outside of hive would join LeoThreads with their users and we see the the dynamics would change.

Who else is excited about this development?

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