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Pushing for Responsible and Ethical AI Creations

Innovations around the Artificial intelligence (AI) world is shaping up on a daily basis with more responsible usecases being created. There is a robust growing count of legislations towards a safer and ethical AI applications and the outcome is interesting.

New developments in the AI are now prioritizing user safety, privacy and guarding against exploitation and abuse. This is pointing towards an era or responsible AI creations.

This compilation covers some AI innovations and successful legislation with a spotlight on creating a responsible AI ecosystem. The featured content is worth your reading time.

Cappella: AI monitor that interprets baby cries

AI application to solve real-time problems just got a step ahead with the development of Cappella: an AI monitor that interprets baby cries. Cappella is developed with the help of expert clinicians and AI technology, to watch over the baby, capture important data from baby sounds and interprets these to the mother who then takes the right action to make the baby feel comfortable again. Those baby cries to be interpreted to mean hunger, wants to sleep, or needs a new diaper.

Voice Engine: OpenAI's Debut in Voice Cloning

OpenAI has finally made its debut in the voice cloning industry to add to the AI models that make synthetic voices sound more realistic. OpenAI's Voice Engine will allow users to record 15-second voice samples, and it will generate a copy of the voice. Its application crosses many areas of the voice industry, including audiobooks, podcasts, voiceovers, and virtual assistants. However, OpenAI is placing priority to users' safety ahead of the public launch of Voice Engine.

UN is bridging the Divide in AI Development

Towards a more responsible AI economy, the United Nations General Assembly approved a resolution aimed at encouraging the protection of personal data, human rights, and monitoring risks in order to ensure the ethical progress of Artificial Intelligence. The goal si to ensure that AI contributes to global well-being. Drawing out frameewrks that promote safe AI systems and protect against misuse, and defining ethical AI practices that support fairness and transparency throughout the AI development lifecycle is a welcome legislative development in the AI world. Indeed, UN is bridging the Divide in AI Development.

The Potential Of Arbitrum LEO

Hive is the leading SocialFi project with its real and authentic information sharing system. Being a DPoS blockchain that hosts lots of trailblazing projects in its layer2 makes Hive stand out among counterparts. LEO is one of the projects built on Hive's layer 2, and is about to take Hive to the mainstream with the introduction of Arbitrum LEO. Arbitrum LEO is a potential-laden LEO derivative on Arbritrium that will make LEO token available for cross-chain interactions between other Layer 1s (for example, L1 Bitcoin) via Leo DEX. L1 interactions of Hive via Maya protocol will change a lot of things fundamentally.

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