The springs and The Caves of Mladezhko

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Today we took a great walk in the heart of Strandzha Mountain that @nanast and I had planned. Fortunately, many more of our cool friends accompanied us and here we were with @deska89, @fog043 and other people around the springs of the village of Mladezhko.

The place is located in the municipality of Malko Tarnovo, 54 km south of the city of Burgas.

Our plan was to walk in the awakening forest, to study the flowers that are growing at the moment and to remember the beautiful places around the village Mladezhko.

I visited these places more than 10 years ago and I couldn't wait to visit them again after such a long time.

The eco trail that leads to "Caves and springs of the Mladezhka River" starts at the western end of the village, where there is parking and a wooden bridge that we crossed.

Already at the beginning of the trail, you can see a large stone fountain from which clean mountain water flows.

To my surprise, there was some graffiti here.

At the beginning of the trail there is a large gazebo built with large wooden tables and benches and a large fire pit.

The route we took was varied.

First we walked along the river, and how beautiful it was there.

At one point we climbed the rocks to get to a beautiful panoramic platform.

The next moment we were again around the river to a very favorite place where wooden bridges from several sides connect.

The path we took again along the river became more and more picturesque and pleasantly soundtracked by the sound of the flowing river.

Plants in deep green colors floated in the water forming beautiful shapes.

We saw beautiful water rapids and shapes that the river formed on the stones.

And how many interesting shapes we found on the stones themselves!

The trees were majestic with their massive trunks and well shaped and exposed roots.

We encountered hundreds of forest cyclamen, wild snowdrops and crocuses.

We continued where the river had deviated from its course and only its traces remained.

How interesting it was to walk and closely observe the shapes she had formed and carved on the stones.

Looking up, we could see beautiful views

In places the river had formed a pool of water like this.

That's how we arrived at the Leyarnitskie caves.

There are four "Learnitsite" Caves and finding them is not easy unless you have been there once. Now the vegetation is not very dense and they are easier to find, but when it turns green it will be different.

One of the caves is about 10 meters high and has slits through which light enters. In it, there is a training ground built by a cave club.

The training ground is called the Old Mummy. It was built in memory of a deceased caveman.

"In antiquity, this caves were used by people as a home."

Sourse and more info about ther caves you can find here.

After exploring the caves, my friends and I had a picnic on the rocks, sheltered and away from the strong wind.

I didn't miss the opportunity to get a bouquet of snowdrops and wild cyclamen, and of the herb Ox tongue, which was in abundance.

After the pleasant rest, we visited two more caves which are in a much more accessible place almost at the beginning of the eco trail. They are quite small and narrow and serve as chapels in which icons and candles are placed.

There are two more places in this area that I will tell you about very soon.

Thank you for stopping by!