Sam Altman leaves OpenAI after leadership transition! | Mira Murati begins activities as interim CEO

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It is not easy to lead a project or more than one under the pressure of the regulations that are estimated to be made on the product you are creating. Maybe the lack of good communication with the team you carry on your shoulders should be totally transparent and exact so that the project or your leadership prospers.

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If we consider the development of an artificial intelligence technology, there are many things to take into account and I believe that regulation is the most important. On previous occasions we have talked about the ability of AI to have an exponential learning, and this results in the constant evolution at an uncontrolled pace, which could negatively impact humanity. We not only assume that the human being could be replaced in certain jobs, but also that the misuse of technology could bring other types of consequences.

There is no doubt that regulations will have to be given sooner or later since the adoption of AI will be given to the whole world. But the little transparency, especially internally, in my opinion, is a whole problem that could make everything get out of control.

Technology has to follow its course and must be tested by us to evolve. There lies a problem, because not everyone will use it responsibly, and if AI meets all the requests we make, we could end up committing a fault ourselves.

On the other hand, a subject that must be taken care of with total attention is privacy. These systems manage to collect large amounts of information, in fact you may have seen a message in which you are asked not to enter sensitive information, practically in all current AI.

Also what has to do with the moral and the answer that can give an intelligence, which must have an exact precision to not give answers that manage to hurt the integrity of a person in all their faculties, such as discrimination. Therefore, if the pace at which AI evolves is not supervised by high-ranking officials, everything can be compromised.

I think that was one of the reasons why we recently saw how OpenAI made a statement announcing the departure of Sam Altman, who until then was the CEO of the company; in his place Mira Murati will continue (in a temporary way in my opinion) the position of interim director of OpenAI, at least until someone is found to exercise permanently, unless it is herself who keeps the position.

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She is distinguished by the performance that the brand had throughout 5 years, who managed to become a world leader in AI. And it is that her qualities stand out as they are the ability to understand the values of the company, the way she handles the market, operations and business and obviously her experience achieved by her great commitment. For this reason it is that OpenAI considers that it is qualified to lead, already directing the research and security functions of the company.

The board of directors was not in agreement with the way Sam developed his functions, making it clear that he was not consistent in his communications, so the company prevailed the confidence and sincerity over him, firing him from the project in a somewhat abrupt way. However, they consider that he has contributed a lot to OpenAI and has achieved its total growth. Of course these are just words of courtesy, I get another type of feeling.

In this tough decision another change was also made in what this transition is, making Greg Brockman leave his position as chairman of the board of directors and report directly to the CEO. In this case, he will continue to be an employee of the company, not so in the case of Sam.

Without a doubt, technology will continue to surprise us, but we must be attentive to how it evolves and who is behind it. As was the case with Sam Altman's departure from OpenAI, anyone can replace a position that can influence decision-making and the way intelligence evolves and adapts to the world; to humanity.

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