God Mode on @splinterlands (Mavericks Server) Has Been Gloriously Exhausting!

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Makishima Shougo
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I started out as a Minnow and grew my way into becoming a Dolphin. This was the case with HIVE, Splinterlands and many other projects I have been a part of. I had never gone through what a Whale would have experienced. I have made a few waves here and there such as pumping $CUB price by 8% when I invested heavily into the project 2 years ago. When gameplay is involved, things get very different from the usual DeFi experience.

I Can Use The Mavericks Server

The process is extremely simple. Go to the link on the heading above and play the game in the regular way. The only requirement is having purchased 1000 or more Booster Packs from @splinterlands with your accounts. Only the following purchases count:

  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Untamed
  • Chaos Legion
  • Rebellion (Upcoming)

The earnings from Essence Orbs, ΛZMΛRÉ Dice, Riftwatchers Gems were in service to the DAO. Land and other asset purchases don't count into the Maverick status either.

Get The Settings Ready

Whatever you did with the regular gameplay and settings do not carry over. Mavericks Server is a different instance where everyone gets to be a Whale. Even most of the Whales will not experience what you are going to find.

If you were an early investor of the game, $2,000 would have earned you the Maverick status. Right now there is no possibility for any new users to even buy their way into Maverick Status. Chaos Legion Packs have been sold out and Rebellion may not arrive until next year.

Opening 200 Packs of Each

I had nearly forgotten how some of the Pack Openings looked and felt over the 5 years I have been with the game. I have been playing @splinterlands since the day it started and it has been an absolutely wonderful experience to see all the growth and innovation over the years.

Mavericks have access to experience;

  • 10,000 Booster Packs of each existing types
  • 1,000,000 Legendary and Alchemy Potions
  • 1,000 Blood and Power stones

This was a beautiful trip down the memory lane. It was nostalgic and almost sublime. I didn't get to try out large scale bulk openings for Packs during Alpha and Beta days. I was a very small investor with a few Cards and a small investment in cryptocurrency. It was almost all of my net worth at the moment. Even now things have not changed. The portfolio size has changed. But I am all in on cryptocurrency as I did 6 years ago.

11 Million SPS Staked + Other Assets

Don't overlook the pending Rewards in terms of VOUCHERs and SPS along with the 25.51% APR which is 67% more than the real APR of 15.22% everyone is receiving. On top of all of that, Mavericks get to experience the Titles. I have never had any Titles. I do own Skins (which seems to be missing from Mavericks. If you are one of the few people who bought @splinterlands Skins, you could be one of the people going through one of the rarest experiences in the game.

Skins need to have more attention given. There are many games bringing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue from cosmetics alone. A small boost to Focus Points for using Skins could be a welcome addition. Even without that, a market for trading Skins could breath in more attention towards Skins.

Land Registration (As a Whale)

Surveying Had Technical Difficulties

The usage of Mavericks Server likely skyrocketed after @aggroed announced Land 1.5 available on public Testnet. That could be a source of the troubles or it could be just the Testnet being Testnet. There is some probability that I was at fault. I changed the RPC Node few times. It did not make a difference. I will get to those details later.

This is the time to explore the ownership of 10 Tracts. Let me tell you that this was a very exhausting process. It is easy to empathize with Whale problems after experiencing @splinterlands through their eyes.

There are limits in place to make sure nothing breaks during Survey process. Only 100 Plots (the size of a Tract) can be Surveyed at once. It was a tedious process.

Land Survey Reveals Are Slow

I never Surveyed a large number of Plots before. I was okay with the speed of Card reveals when opening Booster Packs. Land Surveys are 2 - 3 times slower than that. For those of us who are serious investors and casual players, this speed is going to be problem.

The Error That Kept Delaying Surveys

I did not experience this on the main game with real NFTs. I could not find a solution other than trying repeatedly. When the Surveys were working, I skipped the reveal process and immediately started Surveying another 100 Plots. The UI does not explicitly give the option to skip the reveal. You have to use the navigation buttons or open a new tab.

I'm Tired on The Maverick Server

I had never felt exhausted when playing @splinterlands until I went through the nostalgia trip as a Whale. It was amazing to try out the older edition Packs. I think they have aged very well. Each seem distinct; not old or outdated. When Land Phase 1.5 is released, I will be ready knowing how to handle all the parts of the UI and gameplay processes. This is very valuable perk of being a Maverick. We get to test things out and get early access to see what is in the pipeline.

Any newcomers to the game can get started here and learn more about the game through official docs or community maintained SplinterGlossary.

Happy Gaming! Happy Investing!

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