HoloZing Could Be Another Flagship DAPP on HIVE With 150X Potential for ZING Token

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Makishima Shougo
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I have been a part of HIVE since July of 2017. I have seen many DAPPs come to existence and some disappear. I was there when @splinterlands launched and even to this day it is the killer DAPP of HIVE responsible for the highest number of Daily Active Users. This was achieved over a very long period of time with many new developments and a mid sized development team (in the last few years). I consider microblogging and games to be the best gateway into HIVE. I have been a part of many games on HIVE and I am finally happy to see another game with the potential to be a popular DAPP known far beyond HIVE.

Developed By HIVE Veterans

@acidyo has been a part of HIVE since 2016. He was literally the 9,562th account on the blockchain. I was late to the party considering that I have the 258,740th account. Other 8 members of the team are experienced group with most of them having accounts for more than 5 years on HIVE. These people understand HIVE and if they stuck around this long and started developing a new game in the bear market, they must love HIVE!

Official Website

You can easily login with Keychain securely and be a part of the project. It is possible to invest without parting with your crypto. Those who want to play the game will have to pay a fee to get Summoner's Spellbook equivalent to get started. Gameplay is not the only way to be a part of HoloZing. First you need a HIVE account. I don't think the wait times to get a new account is as long as it used to be during the time where Steemit was running things.

Delegate HIVE Power

This is how I earned HUNT and LEO in large amounts. I earned DLIKE Tokens, but the project didn't go anywhere exciting. This HIVE Power is used by the team for their curation efforts. Those who write to HIVE about HoloZing receive upvotes leading to more coverage on HIVE and @zingtoken account will earn curation rewards.

I am already delegating most of my HP to @leo.voter in order to reach my 15K LEO Power goal. I am very active on HIVE and I use many DAPPs in a daily basis. I need to have some HP saved for myself. I opted for a 750 HP Delegation.

ZING Token Distribution

I must thank @gadrian for writing about HoloZing. It is because of him I manged to join the project as a Delegator. There are 300,000 ZING Tokens distributed everyday. The breakdown is as following:

Hive Power Delegations200,0006,000,00073,000,000
POSH Holdings40,0001,200,00014,600,000
Liqudity Provider40,0001,200,00014,600,000
Zing Staking20,000600,0007,300,000

It Takes an Hour

Unlike Splinterlands or Genesis League Goals, the Rewards are not calculated every 3 seconds. I don't see this as a problem at all. There are better things to spend resources on. Wait an hour and you will start seeing your ZING Rewards:

The rewards are automatically staked. I view this as a very good thing. I don't currently plan to become a Liquidity Provider. It is more work and require me to face impermanent loss. Even if there were a possibility to earn large amount of ZING thorough Diesel Pools, the APR will attract too many investors bringing down the APR.

Compounding Rewards

0.002 HIVE Per 1 ZING

There are no ZING on the open market at the moment. I assume this is because all the Tokens are distributed in the staked form. Below is the order book on HIVE-Engine:

Based on the value of the order book, I have estimated a price of $0.00065 for ZING. The total estimated marketcap is $65,000. Imagine being able to be a part of a project right at launch without even having to loose any of your cryptocurrency.

10 Cents for ZING

What you have above is the @coingecko marketcap page for gaming. Take a look at the projects that are valued at 10 million dollars and ask yourself if a group of HIVE veterans can achieve something similar or better. What @splinterlands accomplished was phenomenally great! We should not get over excited. HoloZing has the potential to have hundreds of thousands of Daily Active Users. HoloZing may even reach over a million players on HIVE.

Potential is no excuse for rampant speculation. I believe understanding the full spectrum of possibilities and that is why I target a conservative 150X from the current estimated prices for ZING. We need to learn to take profits while things are good. Markets start going down at some point. Being overly optimistic can get in the way of taking profits.

1.1 Million HP Delegated

Even @yabapmatt and Roaring Twenties Leader @mattclarke are collecting ZING. Investors are voting with their wallets. Talk is cheap and so is social media numbers. Wallet activity on the other hand is more correlated with fundamentals. Why would you bother asking for endorsements when you can see what the wallets are doing. I might even increase my delegation if I figure out I can manage with less HP.

Happy Investing and Read The Whitepaper!

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