Pigeons Are Faster* Than Fiber Optics | A Million Dollar Startup Opportunity Waiting for The Right Entrepreneur

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There is all this talk about ideas not being valuable. Many pundits say that success is all about execution. I don't have to the starting capital or a network of talented individuals to create a high speed data transfer service. This does not have to involve pigeons. I personally don't like involving animals to do work. Humans already hate having regular jobs.

Amazon is Already Using This "Technology"

There are genius methods to use old ideas to have better performance than even the groundbreaking technologies such as wireless communication. I small chip is capable of storing Terabytes of data. Even data transfer speeds have come a long way from those 50 MB/s HDD and worse.

Modern fiber optics (even the slow ones like I use) a fast enough for most daily tasks to feel close to being instant. This may create a false perception that connecting a fiber optic cable will transfer data in a flash to location far away. Depending on the distance and the obstacles in the way, using the internet may end up faster.

It Should Not Be Impossible to Find Use Cases

This was 100 Petabytes of data in 2016 and it was already over 52 times faster than using 10 Gigabit internet. Data storage has come far from those days. The speeds are better improved. It should have approximately kept up with the speed improvements of internet access IMHO.

Regular Drones Are Not Good Enough

I know my readers are smart. It is likely that many of you though of using drones instead of pigeons. Tracking, controlling and humanely maintaining pigeons is a complicated process. I find drones to be more civilized and reliable. Companies like Amazon and Microsoft can go after customers with Exabytes of data with their trucks. Smaller customers who wouldn't need an 18 wheeler can be perfectly fine drones or in some cases, a human carrying the data on a plane or high speed rail.

Zipline International Inc. is a Revolutionary Company

This video showed up on my recommended videos an year ago and I have been a fan of the company since then. They started in the unlikely country of Rwanda as a small project and expanded to Ghana, Japan and USA. Over time I kept seeing videos about Zipline. This is an older video on the project:

They are expanding into deliveries that are not just medical supplies. I have not seen many competitors and I certainly haven't seen anyone offering high speed data delivery via drones.

The video has 22 million views. More people are growing knowledgeable about Zipline. This would likely lead to more competitors starting. If you create a different enough niche, it should not be impossible to find success.

Carpe Diem!

If you think you can execute on this idea, go ahead and make it work. At least by spreading the idea, I will be able to inspire some other individual to try out an idea worth trying out. At the very least you should have come to know more about technology by reading this article and watching the videos.

Best of Luck!!

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