We Are Using Decentralized HIVE Fund Wrong

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Makishima Shougo
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I will state an obvious fact that is going to form a central part of the case I am making. The wealth of DHF is stored in a decentralized stablecoin. The last word is the most important part. 10% of $HIVE:$0.33 inflation goes to DHF; but it is stored as $HBD:$0.98 which has held its peg quite well for some time.

This Utilization Does Not Make Sense

  • There is 21,591,732.458 HBD in the fund
  • 1% of it (215,917.325 HBD) is available to fund Proposals everyday
  • Only 29,053.090 HBD of it is currently being used
  • Current utilization rate is 13.45%

This utilization rate would make sense for a fund like SPS DAO which own a large amount of wealth in a cryptocurrencies that can accumulate in value. It would be stupid of them to blow their wealth in the bear market when the prices could be easily be 100X higher in 1-2 years.

Stablecoins are a completely different beast (especially when we talk about stablecoins that track the value of a fiat currency). Inflation acts as a form of taxation and diminish the value of the fiat currencies. The way inflation is calculated has been fiddled with so much that the value presented by government bureaucracies is far lower than the real inflation felt by the citizens that are cursed to use the currencies. Wealth held in stablecoins loose value.

HODLing Fiat is Financial Suicide

HIVE whales and even rest of the community have been very apathetic or even hostile towards many of the DHF Proposals. If there is no value to be seen from a project or if it is looking like a scam, there is no reason to fund it. If the goal of not voting or voting for the Return Proposal is to make the DHF bigger, then I have to call you an ignorant idiot.

DHF Grows When $HIVE:$0.33 Value Goes Up!

The price will have to stay at high levels for a long time to create a large impact in the DHF coffers. If $HIVE:$0.33 price goes up 10X. the wealth added to DHF everyday will also grow by a factor of 10. Saving HBD is an extremely ineffective way to grow the value of DHF. __If anything, we should be seeking good projects to fund that will lead to higher value for $HIVE:$0.33. That is the path to take for anyone concerned with rational self interest.

Yesterday I briefly touched upon HiveCast Project created by @kencode. You can read in detail about open source software, loss of ownership and walking the walk against Big Tech and come back to this article later.

There are few days left for HiveCast Proposal to begin funding. Only 37% of the needed votes have been received. @brianoflondon is much closer to get his Proposal. Take a look at their accounts to see the progress that is already being made without funding. These are not scammers. These are good people making useful DAPPs that can quite literally help billions of individuals to liver better lives with more freedom. HIVE can be a powerful source of infrastructure and funding for these projects. That must lead to more users, which leads to more Resource Credit needs, which leads to more $HIVE:$0.33 Powered Up and the demand will send the price higher.

That would mean there will be even more HBD coming to the DHF coffers. @leofinancee made one of the best Proposals on DHF and barely managed to get itself funded The project managed to survive and grow on its own due to incredible people like @khaleelkazi who were behind it. Not every project can achieve the same level of financial strength. They could still retain the capacity to be a new positive for HIVE. Yet the sad reality is that many developers I have had conversations with feel very discouraged regarding getting funded by DHF.

Give Up Saving - Embrace Investing!

There are many cryptocurrency projects spending millions of dollars trying to bring developers to create DAPPs on their blockchain, DAG, etc. while HIVE present itself as a barren land with incredibly powerful technology behind it. There are competitors attempting to be decentralized social media. The way it work is; they get more attention that HIVE and grow to have a bigger marketcap than HIVE and eventually fall. HIVE remains where it is far out of the from page of @coingecko

I Would Like to See An 80% Utilization Rate

We have to be strategic about how we spend the HBD without becoming a penny pincher. I trust @leofinance to do an amazing job with marketing. Other teams can learn from those lessons.

We can organize Hackathons to bring more developers to HIVE. We may even witness the birth of another killer DAPP in one of those events. If DHF become generous with its funding, we can attract talent to develop HIVE faster. They may even come up with new use cases or even create more DEX integrations. Right now it is not very easy to trade HIVE/HBD and other HIVE-Engine assets for anyone who is not deeply involved with the community. Reduced friction is the biggest missing piece for the next bull market.

What is Best for HIVE is Best for Me!

This is why I write this article. I'm a Dolphin with 13,601.137 HP and HIVE related assets makes up the biggest part of my portfolio. If HIVE needs to grow, it needs to invest in the things that make it grow. We need more developers, DAPPs and users. "Build it and they will come" has not work. On a closing note; have your heard about the definition of insanity?

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