LUNA and LUNC shitcoins pumping like crazy! STAY AWAY!

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Hi HODLers,

Over the course of 24 hours, LUNA and LUNA Classic Tokens have shot up like crazy!

Both LUNA and LUNC shot up as almost a coordinated pump.

I will say it once again: "STAY AWAY FROM THESE SHITCOINS"!

There is so much opportunities in blue chips and well-ran projects. I am going to list a few if you lack ideas:

  • Ethereum
  • Polygon, Optism, Arbitrum...
  • HIVE!!!
  • Uniswap, ImmutableX, Curve, Aave...

Reason for the pump?

LUNC has also surged as traders got excited about a new burn scheme that would reduce the token’s hyperinflated supply, as CoinDesk reported Thursday. The rally has somewhat stalled since then, as the coin slid 17% in the past day.

From $2 to $6/$7 in such a short time period just show how manipulated and speculative this "shit"coin is!

No better sum-up of the situation than what Route 2 Fi wrote:

Reason for LUNA Classic's Pump?

According to LuncStaking_Bot, users have staked more than 610 billion LUNC with Terra Classic against its net supply of 6.9 trillion units.

It means that nearly 9% of the total LUNC supply is now removed from circulation.

If you ask me: Cool but nothing to make it pump that much.

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