Splinterlands' tokens (SPS, DEC, SPT) are going through a stabilizing period

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Hello HODLers,

Everything that goes high up has to come down after a while being in the sky ! The same thing applies to our beloved @splinterlands blockchain game and its related tokens.

The pump of Cards prices + SPS + DEC + SPT tokens were legendary.

Splinterlands went from being a game known by a few hundreds HIVE/STEEM players to be the 2nd most played and valued game in the cryptoverse after Axie Infinity.

This happened almost overnight and the team has handled the stellar growth very well. I was quite impressed to tell you the truth.

As thousands of new accounts were created at lower levels to earn cards, people renting cards to earn more rewards and a new extension coming up; this has put downward pressure in the short term but is very positive in the medium-long run.

We are still digesting this sell pressure and we should be patient before the next leg of growth.

DEC Price Chart

The price of the DEC is loosely pegged for the 1000 DEC per 1$

As I understood DEC's inflation is higher when $DEC is north of this peg. As you understood at the time of writing this article the conversion rate is 1000 DEC = c.$5.5.

SPS Price chart

As I wrote in a previous post: What is the actual Market Cap of Splintershards?.

The $SPS market cap (around c$.1n) was too high for something airdropped daily for an entire year. Therefore I expect the slide to continue to reach something more like c.$400-500mn (still 1.5x $HIVE:$0.33 MarketCap).

HODLers gonna HODL, traders gonna trade but whatever you do: "Stay safe out there !"

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