Where to delegate Hive-Engine tokens to get rewards

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Hello HODLers,

This is a question every HIVE OG is asking himself on a monthly (weekly?) basis.

As old timers know, the power is in compounding little coins and hoping that they will pump later on is a great financial investment strategy and it does not require a lot of research/time.

Newcomers and less HIVE oriented users might just think: "Well, I did not know I could delegate those and get some rewards/returns !".

This post is for both I guess :D

HIVE Power delegations

Let's start with the basics. HIVE Power can be delegated and you will earn a return in most cases by doing so. Except if you delegate it to a friend and do not expect any payback.

Option A: Delegation Marketplace: dLease If you would like to delegate and have a good financial return, you should check out:

This is a marketplace where Hive users looking for delegation put an offer and if someone wants to fill it, they agree to the price/lenght of lease and it is done, you will get your liquid HIVE daily sent to your account.

Option B: Delegate to curation projects

Curation initiatives. There are plenty of curation programs and communities aimed at rewarding good content. As it is very useful for the HIVE ecosystem, this is personally what I use when I want to delegate some HP.

I am not going to list all the different curation communities as I am biased as 4 other curators and I run the @hodlcommunity curation project :D

This is a project aimed to curate quality content on Hive and Leofinance. We pay 90% of the curation rewards back to the delegator daily !

Very easy, you just have to delegate to the @hodlcommunity account and you will get your curation rewards the next day !

There are MANY other very good projects such as @curangel, @ocdb, @appreciator...

$LEO Tokens: LeoFinance

LeoFinance has managed to set itself as a top Hive community and as allowed many Hiveans to dip their toes into DeFi through their own platform:

  • They have recently developed a delegation marketplace similar to dlease named Leofi: .

  • Otherwise, if you do not have enough LEO Power to delegate thousands of LEOs you can use the @hodlcommunity service which is a native Leofinance curator. You would need to delegate at least 100 LEO Power and will get weekly curation rewards.

As for Hive power delegations, 90% Curation Payout, the curation week starts on Monday morning and ends on Sunday night.

So you might want to delegate on Sunday to get the full curation week.

Finally, if you do not have enough LEO tokens and you would like to get kickstarted, you can delegate Hive power to @leo.voter and you will get daily $LEO tokens. The curation APY is supposed to be constant at c.15%.

As an example, for 1000 HP delegated, I get 1.25 LEO/day.

$CTP Tokens

This is one of the oldest H-E community. Talking about marketing, SEO, communication... I have been staking my $CTP for a while now and it gives me sometimes upvotes from @ctpsb's account on HIVE !

You can delegate Hive Power to @ctpsb to get a RoI of 13-19% paid in $CTP. @achim03 maybe you could help me out on this :D?

I know there are subproject curating

$SPT Splintertalk tokens

Even if I am a @splinterlands player, I do not have time to make a specific account and write daily about this amazing P2E game. But sometimes when I reflect about P2E or Hive ecosystem, I do write about Splinterlands and therefore get SPT tokens.

I delegate them to @monster-curator which rewards me with daily liquid SPTs. By doing so, my SPT are still calculated for the $SPS airdrop and I get some RoI on the curation front. Nice right?

$POB Proof of Brain tokens

I really enjoyed my time on the platform where you can discuss many subjects on a nice UI and with a friendly community.

As far as I know, I didn't find any native PoB curator that would pay curation rewards. I know there is @pob.curator for example but it does not seem they pay curation rewards to delegators.

I am open to options if you know any.

$1UP tokens

This is a new community kickstarted by @flauwy and very active. It is aiming to be the home to every HIVE gamer out there. It is very similar to Splintertalks but the subjects are broader as you can talk about anything game related !

I did not find any curation service for the moment, I noticed @flauwy spread out delegations to active curators/writers to help spread these rewards. If there is a service, let me know in the comments.

I can't complain as I had the chance to be curated a few times. I plan to stake these tokens to my gaming alt @cryptolemon2.

Staking and other options for a lot H-E Tokens

I could'nt go through all of them as there are a lot.

  • There are also other options such as pooling them on Tribaldex (but you need the other part of the pool so mostly Swap.Hive).

  • Also you can delegate some of them to @brofi which will earn you some juicy $BRO tokens who act as a fund and distribute daily tokens directly to your wallet.

I am actively staking:

  • $CENT
  • $BRO (well that is more like HODLing)

That is all for today, this post is also meant to be a discussion where we can give each others tips and good accounts to delegate to in the different communities mentioned above or forgotten :D

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