A Sunset Walk at Cane Malu | Sardinia

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A beautiful viewpoint looking out over an extraordinary coastline, leaving you with a strong desire to explore what is out there. A narrow path leading you further towards the place which is attracting you. You walk down accompanied by the golden light of the late afternoon sun. Not much later, you find yourself at an unearthly landscape which feels like another world, and the perfect place to witness a breathtaking sunset. Welcome to the coast of Cane Malu!

Let's explore the Coast of Cane Malu, Sardinia Island


The other day I decided to drive to Bosa and explore the nature around the town. Bosa is a beautiful and popular town to visit, but I personally love the nature around it so much more! After seeing my pictures you will surely understand why!

I went to visit the coast, which has moonlike rock formations like no other place I have seen before. I wandered around the coast and arrived at Cane Malu, at a stunning viewpoint and a hill I could climb up: ''Let's see what's up there'' is all my mind can think about. When I am wandering around with the mood ''seeing what's out there'' I feel like an explorer and my childish curiosity awakens. I really love traveling that way. It brings you a lot of surprises!

Up the hill was, as expected, a very nice view, but also a kind of old, underground house, or at least, what is left of it. I didn't see it as first as it was underground, but it made me walk back careful, since I did not feel like I wanted to fall through the 'roof'' since it looked like it could break down any moment.

The underground chamber. I am curious what this room, had served for way back in the days

The view from the top of the hill. I did not really did my travel research but I saw this view and it attracted me to explore more, and see what is out there

The view over the other side, looking out over the whole coastline

After I came down from the viewpoint, I decided to walk further and found a path down. The path was narrow and surrounded by green. I couldn't see where the path would lead me, but I like it like that. Instead of traveling to the places you see on the internet, just wander and truly find places. Sometimes disappointing, but mostly serene and picture perfect. And today I was lucky!

The little path along the coast I followed

The path looked so beautiful at this time of the day! The golden hour has begun!

The path led me in the end to a little cove with a stunning landscape which felt like another planet. The walls were oddly shaped in unearthly shapes which made the place truly special and unique. Another nice bonus was the sun, which was just about to go down, adding golden sun rays to the landscape to finish the movielike scenery.

The rocks here at the beach were shaped as if it was another planet. I have travelled to plenty of beaches in my life, but I have literally never seen a place like this before. I am so glad that I found this place and got to see the sunset over here. Life is full of surprises and days like this make me feel in love with life.

Thank you for reading my blog! I hope you enjoyed my photographs and writings. Do you enjoy this kind of spontaneous trips, or do you rather prefer to plan and schedule where you are going? Let me know in the comments :)

See you next time!

Love, Sascha