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If you missed the September Zealy campaign launched by the Leo Team I am glad to let you know that you can join this October and help to increase the Adoption of the Hive Blockchain.

This contest is one of the fronts that the Leo's Marketing Effort is involve to make at least ten thousand new users join and be active in Hive by the end of 2024. This monthly campaign is probably a strong indicator of it is already possible reach that goal of 10k newbies in the blockchain.

You need to understand that the campaign is not only focus in registrations, they put a big part of the attention in retention. This means that the success is measure in how many of these new people stay around and make themselves recurrent hivers. Of course, to facilitate all this will be use the LeoInfra protocol that allows the use of Twitter and Google accounts to get a new light Hive account easily.

This is an opportunity to be part of the grow of Hive and, why noy, make money in the process. The job is simple, just complete tasks posted on Zealy as part of the campaign. Actions will involve bringing more users to Hive from web2, follow fellows hivers in traditional social networks and more. Completing task will give you points that will allow you earn (or not) Hive Backed Dollars.

The campaign pretend be a monthly competition and the new stage of the Hive Zealy Outreach Campaign will start (I think) in October 4. But, how this will be distributed?

The prize pool of September is 5000 $HBD which will follow the next distribution:

Top 10% of the active leaderboard split 2500 between them, and from 11 to 30% will split the another 2500. This means that if you get between the fist 30% you will earn part of the prize. As you see, rewards are split by percentages and not in numbers, in other words, with more participants more chances to win a prize but the prize will be less.

You can join to the competition here

Screenshot of Hive Zealy Community

Something important to now is that you need to get more than 2000 experience points in the campaign to be consider yourself part of the active leaderboard from where will take the percentages to split the prize. Other benefit of this campaign is that it will motivate yourself to be consistent and active the whole month. The September edition was fun and I assure you this October campaign will be too. This is a gamify experience and you will interact a lot with other users taking the opportunity that more people know you and your content. Is just a win-win situation so is not excuses to don´t be part of this. If all the fun is not enough for you then think about the prize you can win. Join now to the Hive Zealy Outreach Campaign and win a part of the 5000 $HBD prize pool.

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