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Hiii dear travelers, it's me @yourcap at your service. Are you all doing well today? You have to. Because we have a lot of places to go and to discover more here in Hive. So let's go and come join me with this travel blog, let's enjoy this trip Hivers.

Are you finding a place to chill and relax? A place that will cool your body and mind. It is the right place to go with your family and friends when sunny days to relax and get away from problems for a while. Enjoy the moment and have fun at Cantacoyan Spring located in Tabuelan just here in the Northern part of Cebu.

Cantacoyan is number 1 on my bucket list to go, because I have seen many of my friends go there. I've been very curious about what's in there. I'm interested in visiting Cantacoyan. So I did a lot of research, I asked my friends what Cantacoyan looks like in person such as, Is it worth it to go there? What does Cantacoyan offer? Is there an entrance fee? Where is the exact location? Then the day came when I also answered all of my questions.

(that's me and my auntie wearing her big smile)

This travel blog just happened recently. To be exact it was last week, November 3, 2023. I enjoyed our long weekend at that time because I got there at Cantacoyan (9 days with no class). I've been stuck at our house for many days, babysitting with my little brother, and helping my parents with the household chores like sweeping, washing plates, doing laundry, etc. I was not planning to go there at that time, but then suddenly my auntie was irritated by the very hot weather. So she asked everyone in the house for a nice spot to go. I quickly answer (very very quick haha) "At Cantacoyan". Cantacoyan is the first place that comes to my mouth because I've been thinking of it for the whole week.

We didn't waste even a little time so we prepared our food to bring, our clothes, and for the transportation. We're all 7 coming to Cantacoyan (Me, my mother and father, my two brothers, my auntie and uncle). We rode a motorcycle to go there. I always keep asking if are we near our destination (not obvious that I'm excited right? haha) I just enjoyed all the scenery I saw going right there at Cantacoyan.

(that's my mother and auntie)

After a long ride, we got there at our destination "The Cantacoyan Spring at Tabuelan" with no entrance fee. It didn't disappoint us, the very clear water and the relaxing view caught our eyes. Even though there are a lot of people the water remains very clear because it was flowing. At first, we find a spot to put our stuff and eat before going to swim. It's just a small area but you will surely enjoy the cold water hugging into your body. It was an unplanned trip. That's why I believe that an unplanned trip is indeed more successful than a planned trip.

That's our spot right there hiding under the shadow of the trees, enjoying our foods, and sharing some of our life stories with laughter. They offer us some tables and chairs but we prefer to sit under the trees to feel the moment.


There's also a nice view before you enter Cantacoyan Spring. It's their Cantacoyan bridge, surrounded by trees and mountains. You can take a rest for a while, count the motorcycles passing by, and take pictures of the view. Feel the moment like you're in another country.

If you want to visit Cantacoyan you must go there during weekdays to avoid the crowd. You can enjoy the moment, chilling and relaxing without any disturbance away from the busy City. And also it's nicer if you go there if the water is in high tide, you will appreciate more the beauty of the place. Sadly when we got there it was low tide but no worries it was still nice, we enjoyed the crystal clear water and the view.

Some locals are washing their clothes in the corner. As I've heard Cantacoyan is their number 1 source of water so they can save for their water supply. Cantacoyan is not only a tourist spot but also a water source for the locals in Tabuelan. So if you go there please do not abuse the beauty of Cantacoyan Spring.

So yeah that's it, I hope you enjoy our travel blog today. Thank you for reading, see you on my next blog Hivers. God bless!!!