Achieved milestone of splinterlands 12k sps staked power || Splinterlands is a battleground to earn passive income.

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Assalam-o-Alaikum !السلام عليكم

Today I am going to increase my sps stake more, today I have crossed the target of 12,000 thousand Sps stakeb. My next goal is to stake 15,000 SPS. Because I am currently getting 15.60% APR reward from sps stake and that is a very good reward, I hope to cross the target of at least 20,000 Sps stake before the end of this year. I will do it. Now there are four months and twenty days left from the end of this year, if I talk about sps staking reward, I am getting at least four to three sps staking reward per day and thus it will be a total of 100 sps coin that i am going to make monthly. If I continue my sps staking strategy like this, I hope to stake 20,000 sps by the end of this year.

Today when I wanted to increase my sps coins stake balance, before that I had 11,880 sps in staking power, so to reach the target of 12,000 I needed 120 sps coin, so I thought I would buy another 120 sps , to Increase my sps staking power but when I saw that there were 60 sps coin in in game liquid wallet, I first transferred my liquid sps to stake wallet and then I bought more sps from splinterlands market to my sps. Raised the stake to 12,000. It is a great pleasure for me to reach the target of 12,000 sps stake and I will continue to do so.

here you can see in snapshot , i am going to add 60 sps coin to my stake amount . i selected max button to increase my sps coin, there are four option for staking liquid amount of sps, 25% , 50% , 75% and MAX , so it is owner of wallet choice to select that how much liquid amount of sps , he/she want to transfer to staking wallet so i done max .

now here in screenshot , you can see that i need more 60 sps coin for reaching the 12k sps stake power , so for getting this target , i went to my hive-engine and bought 70 sps coin and then i transfered them to my steemmonster wallet to achieve my sps stake

after this completing this process , i got my target stake and i am very much happy and i have great hope that i will be able to achieve my 20,000 stake sps coin, now i completed my 12k milestone that is one of the amazing achievement for me.

My earning from ranked battle in 6 days

During the last six days I have earned a total of $2.94 worth of rewards through daily ranked battles. I got the biggest reward today and got 122.91 sps coin through daily focus chest today. During the six days I have received various cards, potions, merits and sps coin and all these rewards are adding to my splinterlands accounts.

I currently have $260 worth of sps coins in staked wallet. I currently have 21,958 dark energy crystals and 13,000 in DEC-B coin wallet. The biggest joy I have today is that I have slowly crossed the goal of 12,000 sps coin stake. I often say here that if you haven't joined the splinterlands game yet, quickly create a splinterlands account and become a part of the splinterlands community and with a little investment you can make your future bright.


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