It's really nice to see hive blockchain ecosystem is growing and improving day by day

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Hive blockchain is started almost one an half year ago as a hard fork and true version of steem blockchain, after unethical take over of steem or steemit by founder of Tron blockchain justinsun , currant hive blockchain community decides to support decentralized and original blockchain, they do not like to stay with steemit or steem which is controlled and influenced by Tron community and Justinsun with there stakes, in result of that hive blockchain was created by top witnesses with support of community

Mostly users praferd to use hive blockchain instead of steem, that's why almost all dapps already build on steem was migrated to hive blockchain, some dapps and users still using both blockchains, for example you can post content on both blockchains with one click by using @actifit dapp which supports both blockchains, I think nothing wrong with that if any dapp or user want to use both blockchains it's there choice, I also login into my steemit account sometime just for checking what's happening there, I feel hive blockchain is much better then steem, there are only one front end left there that is steemit, I am not able to find any other dapp on steem which is growing and users are using actively, even on steemit activity is very less as compared to hive blockchain, even after the integration of Tron with steemit and getting full support from Tron community still hive is doing better than steem, on steemit there Trending page is not updated for days, bots are also actively used by users, there is only one Korean community which looks active on steemit

On the other hand hive blockchain is growing very fast more and more dapps are Building on hive, old dapps getting papular day by day, there is no alternative available of @splinterlands , @leofinance, @peakd and @Ecency and others on steem blockchain, I love to see that we are getting results for staying with original decentralized blockchain, every dapp on hive in improving or growing day by day, recently splinterlands gets lot of attention after offering his governance token # SPS from new users, many new users starts joining hive on daily basis, Hive coin daily trading volumes is increased, smart media token value is increasing or users starts investing and using smart media tokens, so there are a lot of development and Activities happening on hive blockchain which I love to see and I really appreciate hive community for this

Dear hive users and developers you are doing great work, you are Building a truly decentralized social media blockchain platform, which is open source and censorship resistance keep it up, I am sure future of hive blockchain is very bright, we as a Earley users will get lot of benefits as hive grows more


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