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Moving on to my new post on the Battle Mage Secrets event, for this week the rule chosen is Silenced Summoners, I like this rule, and it's very interesting to play it with the new summoners, I had no difficulty in choosing a team, it was a Silver league match in the modern format, let's get to the post.


SILENCED SUMMONERSSummoners do not give any stats buffs or debuffs or grant/use any abilities.

Silenced Summoners is a very simple but interesting rule, because what will count is the summoner's mana cost and not its abilities, that is, the lower his mana cost the better he will be to play in this rule, with this practically all legendary summoners in the modern format already start at a great disadvantage, and the new common summoners from the Rebellion set become an excellent option for this rule, because in addition to having a low cost for the format they can still combine two colors further increasing their range of options for combat.

I don't have a set strategy for this rule, but the main move is to choose the summoner with the lowest mana cost and remember that their abilities won't be active, currently for this rule I'm using the common summoners from the rebellion set, they cost 1 mana less than the rare summoners and can combine colors even with this rule active on the field, I like to keep a basic formation here like a Tank, DPS and support, giving preference to the DPS, because these matches tend to end faster without the bonus of the summoners.

Skills won't be modified by this rule, so I don't have a list of favorites to face it, but I'm still ignoring the Scattershot 🀣.

βš”οΈ My Team βš”οΈ

A match with 31 mana and the rules Silenced Summoners/Going the distance, this second rule broke my standard line-up play forcing me to choose only units that have ranged attacks, so I chose a meat shield with martyr to tank and thus buff my off-tank, then I put a unit with the protect skill (very useful, as almost all the damage would be physical) and completed the line-up with the highest amount of damage I could manage, with Silenced Summoners I chose a summoner with the lowest amount of mana, I couldn't combine two elements, as only the death element was able to be played.
Summoner : I confess that I still haven't managed to create good line-ups with these common summoners, I have to research and watch some replays, but for the Silenced Summoners rule I'm sure they're great 😁.
Tank : A meat shield to withstand some hits and also buff my powerful legendary unit that is right behind it.
Off-Tank: An exaggerated mana cost that could make me lose the match, there weren't many options due to the Going the distance rule, I preferred to take a risk and put it in second position, will receive a good buff from Venari and attacks very, very hard.
DPS: A cheap unit that can attack from the first position, I don't like it very much, but it was useful to complete the team.
DPS : Excellent set (mana cost, damage and ability) one of the best units in this 2 mana range.
DPS/Suport: Reasonable damage and the powerful protect ability, this is very useful in the Going the distance rule, as almost all units will use physical damage from a distance, I think there are few options that have magic damage/range damage together.
DPS: Best mana/damage cost, almost always present in my teams, its only problem is that it is very fragile and needs a lot of protection.

🀜The Battle πŸ€›

Analyzing the match: My opponent chose an excellent summoner for the Going The Distance rule, I was lucky that the Silencd Summoners rule was active in the game too πŸ˜„, the creatures are very fragile on both sides, I have a small advantage, as I will use the buffed Drybone Raider with martyr as a tank thus becoming the most resistant unit of the match, I also have 1 more damage on the table, both players used the protect ability, but it will certainly be a quick match.

Round 1 - A very tumultuous start with shots all around, halfway through the round my Ravenhood Warden knocks out the opposing tank who manages to deal 4 damage with his backfire, soon afterwards the opposing Ravenhood knocks out my meat shield buffing my Drybone who now makes two attacks with 3 damage.

Round 2 - The round starts with my Drybone Raider knocking out the opponent Venari Marksrat who managed to snort the Gargoya Devil, almost at the end my Soul Strangler takes this Gargoya out of the game, now I have a good advantage in the match.

Round 3 - Victory finally arrived, in the first two moves, two opposing units left the game, leaving only the Dhampir Stalker who could do nothing from the first position, just had to wait until the Ravenhood Warden knocked it out.

🎊 Conclusion 🎊

My strategy worked well, I managed to have a mana advantage thanks to my summoner and the Silenced Summoners rule, I also managed to make my Venari Marksrat buff my most powerful unit on the field, the protect helped a lot and is really very effective in matches with the Going The Distance rule. The Drybone Raider obliterated my opponent's fragile units even more with the martyr's buff, my DPS did its job and were very effective, Ravenhood Wardem was an excellent choice and made my units resist at least 2 hits before falling.

Silenced Summoners is very interesting and has become even better with the new common summoners, they even seem to be made exclusively for it πŸ˜‚, because in addition to the lower cost compared to the current summoners they can still play with two elements considerably increasing their options of cards to play, so if this rule appears to you just think about the mana cost of the summoner, the lower, the better 😍.

Game Link: Splinterlands

Battle Link: ZALLIN Vs. WLATT

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