AskLeo: Why does Leofinance Web Frontend Lack a Search Bar?

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We have grown use to technology, and the internet, and one unique feature of the internet is the ease to store, access and distribute information, and in the front of this is the search engine.

A search engine while basic in looks and may feel less-intricate in design is a very significant part of a web-based application and any software with a user interface (UI), a search bar could mean a lot to the users' experience (UX). It is a simple to use feature that enables one to query into a database in search of a specific file, using a keyword or group of keywords.

No doubt, you have probably used a search engine multiple times today alone, either by using Google, other Web 2.0 services or even offline within your phone and a computer. Search is an integral part of most application designs.

Granted, implementing a search bar that is also useful into a website is not an easy one, it requires from basic to advanced coding, implementation of some algorithms, and even the use of artificial some cases such as in Google's situation as well as other top search engines.

Irrespective of the difficulty, as noted here, a search engine has a lot to do with users' retention, more favourable users' experience and search engine optimization (SEO).

Interestingly, the Leofinance Mobile App has a search function which as we all know has been missing on the web-app (website - For we who have grown to prefer the web-app the more, I think, it is an obvious fact that we need a search engine.

But, while we wait and hope for the search engine implementation, you can simply perform a search by following the tutorial here, by adding Leofinance to your keyword.

Most Lions have observed that the above method could easily suffice for the lack of a search engine, and are satisfied, but if we could have something baked in, it could be more appreciated.

So, what do you think? Why does Leofinance front end on the web lack a search engine? Let's talk.

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