Plan to $5K HBD In Savings & Earn 20% APR - My Strategy for $HBD...

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Hey All;

Off lately, I have been focusing on increasing my HBD stake and have been transferring all the HDB to the savings. So far, I've $1171+ HBD [Hive Backed Dollar] in HIVE savings and at the same time have converted most of my $HIVE:$0.33 for HBD. As I have set this GOAL for $HBD:$1.01 of having 5K+ HBD in savings, I am planning to redirect my earnings from different Hive-engine tokens to HBD. To name a few of the tokens that will be contributing to growing my HBD stake are::

  • SPS
  • BEE
  • BXT
  • GLX
  • LEO

Strategy for Building $HBD:$1.01 5K+ Stake....

The point that I'm trying to make, here is that I'm leveraging my different token earnings here on the hive-engine, converting to HBD, and then transferring it to HBD savings.. reaping me 20% APR. Right, now I was not touching most of the tokens and was redirecting in building my stake i.e. was staking further. But now I feel that I should change my strategy a bit and accumulate more of $HBD:$1.01 in savings. As an example I get close to 350 SPS tokens daily via different rewards like staking and for HOLDing in game assets - which are all being redirected to the $SPA staking pool. Now that I have build a solid stake in $SPS, I would now like to leverage my earning here to build my $HBD:$1.01 stake. The plan is to redirect some of the earnings here and use this as a main weapon to enhance my stake in HBD savings. Along with $SPS, I'll also be using my other passive income streams here on the HIVE Blockchain to get me as many $HBD:$1.01 as I can and stake them all.

Powered down HIVE to convert to HBD - NO

The other plan that I have opted to get to 5K+ HBD to savings is to redirect $HBD:$1.01 rewards to HBD savings. I have been doing this for a long time now and will continue to the same until I reach the 5K+ mark. The other question that immediately comes to mind is that should I power down HIVE and convert it to $HBD:$1.01? I know that is not the best of the way but somewhere I feel that it could be the right move to have some of the HP converted to HBD. But for now I'll not be doing so and rather will be looking for other opportunities to BUILD my $HBD:$1.01 stake and not touch HIVE POWER for now.

Currently, I have close to 68.5K+ HP, so will not touch it for now. Maybe if $HIVE:$0.33 pumps i.e. trades above $0.75 cents then I may think of revisiting my plan and see if I could convert some of the Hive power to $HBD:$1.01. That's the plan for now. I've close to $5K+ lying in the $BTC:$51,516.00-$CACAO pool on Thorswap Finance and could also some of the earnings from this pool to redirect to $HBD:$1.01. For now, I'm going to keep the funds there itself and if there is a spike in my Holdings there on Thorswap then would definitely take the advantage and redirect my profits to buying $HBD:$1.01.

SIP in $HBD:$1.01 via P2P trade...

Finally, I am also looking out for opportunities where I did like to do an SIP aka Systematic Investment Plan for $HBD:$1.01 as we have it for mutual funds. The intention here is to keep buying $HBD:$1.01 every month via the P2P peer to peer option and grow my HBD savings account. I would be exploring this option and if I get some good peers who would like to trade their $HBD:$1.01 for fiat then my plan is to at least start with buying 100+ $HBD:$1.01 every month and see how it goes and accordingly act if I need to further increase my P2P trade limit to accomplish my GOAL for 5K+ $HBD:$1.01 in savings.... cheers...

Plan to $5K HBD In Savings & Earn 20% APR - My Strategy for $HBD:$1.01...

Best Regards

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