#14 giveaway for Rising Star - 10K Starbits (Ends may 29)

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I will be raffling 10.000 STARBITS in today's giveaway.


Leave a comment with your IGN to send you the prize in case you are the winner.

Upvote, follow and reblogs are not required, but your upvotes, tips and reblogs are welcome.

The draw will take place in 2 days and that day the winner will be published in a new post and a new giveaway will be made.

All the participants of this draw will be tagged in the next draw to invite them to participate.

The winner of the past Giveaway is @jfang003

Thanks for entering:@henruc @ladymisa @blitzzzz @circlebubble @daethical @olaf.gui @imfarhad @pero82 @sylmarill @josman831 @arc-echo @pulubengdugs

Rising Star is a Blockchain Hive game where you can create your band, play shows, tour and earn Starbits which is one of the game's tokens. You can use the Starbits you earn to buy new cards and increase your earnings on missions. You can also sell it on the Hive Engine.

Tips for newcomers:

1: The most important thing is energy. Without energy, there are no missions. My recommendation is to buy pizzas and boxes with that you must manage to play all your available hours. You should try buying a Pizza box and 3 Cold Pizza Slice.

2: Unlock Islands, it is the way we advance in the game, as you unlock more Islands they give you better missions and you can be varying them to better accommodate both your energy expenditure and not boring the fans by always doing the same mission over and over again.

3: Increase the number of FANS & SKILL, buying packs.

4: Add instruments,seek to generate slightly more skill than the daily Ego you generate from quests in a single music lesson. I would like to tell you that you must specialize in an instrument. The microphone or the guitar are the best at the beginning because they are the only lessons you can do.

5: Do missions that do not take a lot of time when you have time to play, because that way you will be able to get more experience and with that be able to advance faster in the game.

6: Don't worry about ROI. The game leads you to constantly reinvest.