JPMorgan is developing its own AI: IndexGPT!

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Hi HODLers, Hiveans and Lions,

ChatGPT is coming for you Finance Bros!

Financial giant JPMorgan Chase filed a trademark application for a finance-themed chatbot called IndexGPT earlier this month.

"AI and the raw material that feeds it, data, will be critical to our company’s future success,"

JP Morgan is claiming it will dedicate over 2,000 data managers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers to build its AI capabilities! WOW, that's a lof of people and resources.

AI could surely help with client relationship or Portfolio Management. Especially to tailor it to the client's needs (retirement, investment...) and its political views / values. Recently more and more stocks are being targeted for not doing enough for climate or being too woke. BUD, Target, North Face...

This will only increase!

While AI is very exciting, a lot of experts are calling for governments to regulate including Microsoft President Brad Smith or Tesla's CEO Elon Musk.

Stay safe out there!


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