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You know how I feel about the second amendment and my right to bear arms, the government says I am too unstable to own guns but I am not going to let these commies stop me, I printed my own gun! From my cold dead hands ya bastards 🤣

That was my bate for you and the authorities, thanks for the views suckers 🤣

But I did print a gun and it's pretty cool, I first seen this gun in a YouTube video about making a microscopic gun, the only way to make it was using a compliant mechanism, its all one piece and uses the flexibility of the material and arrangement to store energy.

I printed a small version not microscopic this one is about the size of my micro penis, pretty nifty design I would say and below you can see it loaded and ready to fire notice how it's all deformed with the tension much like my micro penis.

and now to let it loose.

pew pew, well that was fun messing with this little gun and messing with y'all, if you are interested in watching the video about the making of this gun be sure to check out the YouTube it's pretty neat .

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and the winner this time around is....

wow so close but we got a dud

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