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ISO 100 f/ 5.0 1/500

We have the ability to touch and leave traces, sometimes they are so visible that they remain embedded in our hearts, some others cannot be seen even if they are painted in front of us.

Do you think there is poetry in destruction?

Time, time does not return, the photographer's job is to freeze it, no two photographs will ever be the same, that is a great truth.

Personal note:

For health reasons I have been absent, my mother had a successful operation and that has consumed a significant part of my time for more than a month.

I wanted to thank the hive friends who knew about the situation and have asked me about it, thank you, fortunately we are already in the recovery process.

Cris 馃檹馃徏

ISO 100 f/ 5.0 1/500

ISO 100 f/ 5.0 1/500

ISO 100 f/ 5.0 1/500

Camera.Canon 6D Mark II + 50 mm 1.8
Natural light.
Revealed.Adobe Lightroom 2022
Location.La Habana, Cuba.

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