My experiences with Social Media have been quite Progressive

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I'm not a social media expert or a big fan of some social media platforms, but I was having a conversation with someone about social media and how it has become a necessity in this day and time.

The conversation was a fairly interesting one because we were both having the conversation through social media. It almost felt like the points we were making about social media were self-evident because we wouldn't have been able to have that conversation if there was nothing like social media.

My experiences with social media have been quite progressive and social media has gradually become a huge part of my day-to-day activities. At the moment, I spend a huge part of each day doing things on social media and it's so interesting because I don't ever feel like I'm wasting time doing any of those things.

I think the fact that I've become more aware of the importance of growing my brand on social media platforms and potentially monetizing my activities is one of the major things that gives me the push to explore some social media platforms.

My main Twitter account for example has been inactive for most of its existence and it was just this week that I thought of getting a little serious with performing activities with the account.

I can visualize how things would be if I happen to build a nice reputation over there. Who knows what can happen?

This hasn't always been the case.

It was in 2020, during COVID-19, that I got to start exploring the wider benefits of social media. Before then, I only saw it as a way to keep in touch with folks. Meanwhile, I'm not very big on keeping in touch with people. This made me very passive about my usage of social media.

I know I've had a Facebook account since 2012 or thereabout, but my profile on Facebook is like that of someone who just opened the account a few minutes ago. The last time I got into Facebook was by mistake and that was some years ago. Haha. I also have a profile on Instagram which is inactive. I don't know why I got into TikTok in the first half of this year, but I just opened the account and uninstalled the App days later.

Those are snippets that shows that I just recently started getting very active on most social media platforms.

What will life be for me with social media?

Financially, it would mess things up for me. A huge aspect of my finances is connected to social media and I would most likely be approaching my career from a different angle if there was no existence of social media. I don't even want to imagine what that would feel like.

Most of my day-to-day socialization and interactions are also tied to social media. I interact with so many people from different parts of the world each day to the point that some physical meetings end up feeling like a waste of time for me.

For someone who spends an insane amount of time doing stuff online, I guess it's not a surprise that I'm well-informed about a lot of things happening within and outside my environment. The level of detailed information I have about several things is incredible. Sometimes, info just pops up on my screen even when I'm not searching for them. Haha.

I'm still not the biggest fan of all social media platforms out there. I just have a few of those that I utilize and I use them satisfactorily. As for the ones like Facebook and co which I don't fancy, I try as much as possible to stay away from those.

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