InLeo Brand Assets

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Hey Lions!

These are the official InLeo brand assets.

Feel free to use them for your InLeo posts or to promote InLeo in social media or similar platforms.

Official InLeo

Use this one for anything InLeo official!

Growth Team

Same color combination, mixed differently.

This is only for posts on Hive related to Leogrowth. If you want to promote InLeo in social media or include the logo on any other platform outside of Hive, please refer to the Official brand assets.

SVG Official

If you want the SVG files, please join our Discord Server and check the channel "media-kit".

Feel free to drop your own creations in the comment section, this way more people will be able to find and use them!

The community-created designs will not be considered official brand assets unless stated otherwise by the InLeo Team, but are highly appreciated!

Shoutout to @hallgraph for this amazing brand job!

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