Goodbye 2023: My progress review.

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Goodbye 2023: My progress review.

It is now almost the end of the year 2023 and specifically, it is the time when one retrospects and thinks about what one has achieved or what one has missed. It is time for evaluation to find out where we are standing in terms of overall progress. This evaluation is necessary to plan for future strategies and goals. So, today I will spend my time thinking about what I had achieved in 2023, and document it so that if it is required in the future for reference to gauge the progress made over time.


I will first start with my highlights of the year 2023.

My Achievements of the year 2023.

1. SPS Goal completed.

This is one of my biggest goals that I completed in 2023 and now I am staking more than 300K SPS. The plan was to keep 300K SPS stake and sell the SPS earned, so that it can help in increasing Hive stake but due to the current SPS low price, I am not proceeding with it. If SPS reaches 20 cents, I can think of selling 10K+ SPS to pocket a couple of thousand dollars.

2. Expect to cross the 24K HP milestone.

I already crossed the 23K HP milestone last month and I am confident of giving myself a Christmas present of 24K HP. So I will be entering 2024 with more than 24K HP staked.

3. Progressed Nicely on my GLX Goal.

My initial GLX goal was to accumulate 50K GLX only, but once I reached 50K GLX, I decided to make this goal to 200K GLX, Now having more than 120K GLX stake, I did double of my initial goal and also completed 60% of my revised goal.

4. Able to build More passive income.

Adding 8K HP more this year, definitely bought more Hive as curation income. SPS delegation/ Card rentals and SPS staking APR also generate passive income.

5. Started expanding my Horizon.

I am still tied to Hive if my investments are concerned but I am now reading, understanding, and exploring other blockchains too, I guess 2024 might be the year when I will have assets on other blockchains too.

What was not in my favor in 2023?

1. Acted Lethargic.

I acted very lazy at the start of 2023, if I had utilized that time, I guess I would have ended this year with more than 26K HP at least.

2. Splinterlands assets value sunken.

Unfortunately, Splinterlands assets that I am holding to sell in the future to make some nice gains, did not work out as asset value dropped. I am still not sure if I should sell everything now to cut the losses or wait if can get a good price in the future.

3. Leaning and exploration was not up to my expectation.

I did not learn and explored enough what I am expecting of myself. I guess I need to do better time management and work on prioritization of my goals and objectives.

Overall, 2023 is a nice year.

There were a few hiccups and not everything was accomplished as per my expectations but still it is a good year as far as my goals are concerned. It did lay the solid foundation for me to continue with my goals in the year 2024.

So friends, how was your year 2023 and what are your plans for 2024?
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