The riskiest thing you can do is get greedy

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Tiana wanted desperately to be able to control her anger, but each time she recalled what she had lost in less than two hours, she went mad with rage again. Maybe she had been greedy, she agreed.

She had not entirely listened to Greg. When he had called to tell her to watch closely and make a withdrawal for all her earnings, she had thought she was smart enough and would remain in the Foreign exchange market for a while.

Things went out of hand and reality soon followed shortly after. She had lost more than she had thought she would ever and it was difficult to hold back her tears. She was sitting in front of her personal computer and she was not sure about what to do next.

She made up her mind at last to leave the trade for the night and go to bed. If ever she got any more desperate than she had been in the past few weeks, she was definitely going to speak to Amanda about a loan. It was something she had considered an option if she made just one more loss after giving cryptocurrency one last shot, and now she was going to have to do it.

There was a student loan to pay off and there was apartment rent to pay and she was destitute. After all, she just lost all she earned back in the foreign exchange market because she had been greedy.

Who wouldn't be greedy in such a position as she was in?

It made her eyes tickle.

She was going to cry.

She was unlucky.

It had gone beyond not having enough skill and intelligence to understand the complexity and volatility of the market, it was simply bad luck. Sheer bad luck.

She lifted herself off the chair with some difficulty and hesitation.

Her legs felt too heavy at First, and then it was her upper body that felt too heavy for her limbs.

"That was all I had. I should have listened when Amanda advised me not to buy cryptocurrency with all I had."

She murmured. It was intense grief that compelled one to speak to one's self as she had done, but she could not help it.

She was the most recent impoverished woman in the world and it made sense that she was mourning. She was mourning her loss as well as her folly and she needed no comforting.

By morning, she would call Amanda and cry to her, and then she would block Greg because she would not want him to find out anything and then she would proceed to send applications for jobs and hope to be employed soon enough.

She expelled breath she did not know she was holding as she plopped down on the bed with lines of fatigue lining her forehead, and her lips trembling.

She was holding back the tears, expelling deep breaths, and biting her lower lip to keep it from trembling so much.

When she made up her mind to sleep and forget her agony, sleep eluded her, and she was surprised that she felt a bodily exhaustion while sleep wandered off from her.

She would take sedatives if she needed to. She was going to sleep in and when she woke up, she would drink her sorrows away before talking with Amanda. She needed to be clear-headed while talking with Amanda, right?

She would not want to tell her problems to Amanda, stopping to sniff and wipe her tears while doing so because the Amanda she knew would join in and they would both cry their eyes out.

If there was an invaluable lesson she had learned, it was that people didn't think straight when they were desperate. They didn't think about consequences and it was a point in life she did not ever want to be at again.

Tiana did not know how long she was lying on the bed facing the ceiling before her phone rang. She was startled out of her wits as she picked the device up. She had taken the sedatives but the sleep she desired did not come.

It was Greg.

She declined.

She was sure he would berate her and that would make her angry. When he called again for the fourth time, she took the call.

She sounded groggy when she called, "Greg," into the phone.

"Tiana, did I wake you up? I'm sorry."

"Yeah, what's up? It's past two in the morning."

She said.

"Yeah, I know. I've been parked out here for a bit. Could you please open up?"

She sprang off the bed and bolted for the door, wondering why she had not heard him drive in.

He was already at the door when she opened to him.

" Let's help you make some money," he said nicely,

" I got capital to help you get on again."

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