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What Is LeoGlossary?

LeoGlossary is a Web 3.0 project that is build on the Hive blockchain. It utilizes the decentralized database to create an immutable and transparent glossary.

The initial focus of the project was in the area of finance, business, and cryptocurrency. Since that time, it has expanded in a few different directions.

There are presently three main components:

  • Glossary of terms

  • Music Community with embedded albums and playlists

  • Movie Database with previews and, in some cases, the embedded films. At some point, the intention is to add decentralized voting. This is all being done to create a transparent review site.

LeoGlossary is a great way for content creators to enhance their articles. By linking to the associated terms, readers are provided further explanation to what is being discussed. It also helps the search engines to assign context to what is written.

We are entering Web3, a concept that unites permissionless databases through blockchain, cryptocurrency, and true account ownership. All of this is being incorporated into LeoGlossary.

Bookmark this page as a reference for all glossary pages along with the expansion we undertake.

Glossary Pages

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