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The camp was in a few days and there was no way I could have evaded it. My excuses had not moved Nicholas and his stoicism was not about to be compromised on my account. He was standing alone by the railing on the balcony of his office, taking in the stretch of green field that reached as far as the gates. His eyes, like I remembered them to be were focused on the field, tiny behind thick glasses, yet they held an unmistakable aplomb.

Source "You have money problems, yet you are always looking to satisfy your immediate needs."

He said when he heard me walk up to him. He didn't have to turn around to look at me. His back was stiff against me, his hands gripped the railings too hard, and the evening wind tossed his brown hair about his head, leaving it a mass of rumpled strands.

" You don't understand, Nick. I have to be with my kid..he needs me now more than he might ever do." I responded calmly.

Nicholas turned around, making me suddenly become self-aware.

I had almost run late earlier that day, I had worn the shoe I had forgotten to polish, and my shirt was a fabric that held no appeal to the eyes, it was rumpled and the shoulders did not seem to like staying where they belonged. The shirt had suddenly grown too big and Mona did not Stop talking about my new appearance.

"You have Mona. I'm sure she can look after the boy well enough." Nicholas insisted.

I let out a breath I did not realize I had been holding.

"Listen," Nicholas continued, "You're the dad. Your son needs you to be able to provide every single thing he needs at this point, and you can not do that if you have to stay up all day with him."

I was infuriated when I started back home. My eyes started to cloud up on their own accord, making a mockery of my resolve not to cry.

Roy, my kid, needed to undergo a chemotherapy session over a lung cancer he had been diagnosed with. There was a hell of money to pay and everything Mona and I had was not enough because we had recently bought a house. One that had been a dream of ours.

Nicholas thought there was so much to learn about software development and he enlisted me to be among the few staff from work to undergo the training, a form of program that demanded all participants to be at a camp, away for five weeks.

"It could be the solution to the many money problems you seem to be having at the moment."

He had said the first time I had gone to his office to give my excuses.

He was a firm believer in seizing opportunities and applying knowledge acquired at any point, I was too, but I had no desire to go for the camp, despite what I stood to gain.

But there was not much I could do about Nick's decision. Roy was still on the hospital bed days later when I kissed him and Mona adieu.

I reclined back on my chair and a contented sigh slipped past my lips. My laptop was open and there had been a hell of work to tackle and a great deal of money to make. I was doing both.

Nicholas did not know, but I was grateful to him for the knowledge he had compelled me to acquire at the expense of everything else that was important to me at the time.

I had wanted to be there for Roy, to touch his head and soothe him when he cried in pain. I had wanted to be with him in person, but then, there was knowledge to acquire and money to make.

When I returned from the camp, I started an intensive search for remote jobs as a software developer.

Two weeks later, I had two jobs and the payments were ridiculously wonderful I wondered for days if Nicholas would have enlisted my name as one of the staff who needed the software skill after I had sent him a resignation letter.


The shrill voice floated to me. I sprang up, my heart thumping wildly in my chest. I could hear my own blood rushing in my ears as I clambered toward the direction of the voice.

"Dad, come see!"

I heard Roy call again. The panic had my limbs weak, but I reached him just in time to see him holding up a large stuffed bear.

He was alive and healthy and I was home with him.

I took a deep breath.

"Roy, what is wrong?"

I asked, relief brought me a new form of weakness.

" Dad, Mom said she has a surprise for us!" He cried ebulliently. I got closer to him.

" Where is she?"

I asked. He pointed behind me and Mona was standing there with a bright smile.

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